Electronic Cigarette: The Battle is Not Over in Brussels

Posted on Dec 4 2013 - 9:17am by Admin

The Brussels Commission would oppose the Parliament had decided to leave the e-cigarette status of consumer product.

Thought the case heard from the favorable vote of the European Parliament in early October: the electronic cigarette would be assimilated to a derivative or tobacco, or a drug.

And its independent market could grow at breakneck speed it has taken this year in France: 15% per month, two million “vapoteurs” and specialty shops that hatch throughout France.

Not so simple a furious battle continues. To play in Brussels on the future of this little niche that promises to become very large. Representatives of the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council (the three decision-making bodies) met on Tuesday to floor on a final version of the Directive “tobacco”.

Parliament had excluded the e-cigarette for the reason that it does not contain tobacco. But the Commission, supported by some EU Member States, returned to the charge with proposals that would deprive a large part of his interest in the product: drastic reduction in the rate of nicotine, flavorings ban, ban rechargeable among other cigarettes.

“There was no consensus,” believed to know the side of CACE, the Collective actors of the electronic cigarette , which is fighting on two central points.

On the one hand retaining the nicotine to a sufficiently high level. At the moment, the French regulations on this basis since the rate can be up to 20 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter go into the liquid refill. Some states want to reduce this rate to a maximum of 5 mg / ml, notably Germany.

And secondly approval of flavorings, including very wide range is a major commercial asset.

The European Council of Ministers should decide next Monday and Tuesday on the subject. In the meantime, lobbying promises to be intense backstage. Between two giants, the tobacco industry and the drug, which have an interest in killing the market in its current form. And minnows, the independent sector of the e-cigarette, a start-up poised to pass a smoking blow.

“Everyone is willing to protect the consumer. Either one is the regulatory framework that subscribe to this requirement, or draws excuse to kill this product that combines gestures, nicotine and flavorings, “said the CACE. The next episode.

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