Drift Chebab to International Jihadism

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Appeared in 2006, the Somali Islamist movement Chebab offers the face of a local group of nationalist inspiration, which over the years has turned to international jihadism.

Dead bodies are seen in a parking lot of Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi

Who are Chebab?

It is estimated that a few thousand between 5000 and 7000, the number of Somali Chebab, located in rural areas and grouping on the basis of radical Islam, according to some tribal bonds also fighters sensitivity rather nationalist movement and supporters global jihad. The Chebab (“youth” in Arabic) appeared in 2006 as an even harder as the Union of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu in power organization. The Chebab radicalized a bit more with the intervention in late 2006, Ethiopian troops backed by the United States, which cast the Union of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu. With the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops in 2008, these fighters are gaining ground and impose their strict application of Sharia law in areas they control. In 2009, they attacked Mogadishu and attack the government of Sharif Ahmed, a “moderate” of the Union of Islamic Courts. In August 2011, they were driven from the capital, and their strongholds in the center and south of the country by force of African Union (Amisom).

Why Attack in Kenya?

Engaging in southern Somalia in October 2011, the Kenyan armed forces took part directly in the Chebab. The fighting lasted almost a year, until September 2012, in Kismayo, a port city in strategic importance to the Islamist movement. The Chebab practiced several kidnappings on Kenyan soil and repeatedly threatened the powers that be in Nairobi. But they had never launched an operation on the scale of the September 21.

That Directs Chebab?

Ahmed Abdi Godane , also known as Abu Zubayr, is now taking the ascending on Chebab. His head is priced by the Americans for $ 7 million. He is originally from Somaliland region in northern Somalia that declared its independence. His power, it seems, been challenged by Chebab southern Somalia. To succeed, Ahmed Abdi Godane has killed a dozen commanders in June, two historic leaders Chebab – Ibrahim Haji Jama Mead, nicknamed Afghan, Abdul Hamid and Hashi Olhayi. Ahmed Abdi Godane is supporter of international jihad.

What are the Links Between Al-Qaida and Chebab?

If Chebab are clearly in the wake of international terrorism, they are not officially in the center of the nebula inspired by al-Qaeda, says Dominique Thomas, a researcher at the EHESS. “The Chebab can not be compared to al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), they maintain more devices more distant relationship with al-Qaida. Messages proclaiming their allegiance and repeated requests for affiliation Chebab never officially received a clear answer to al-Qaeda, which would have been knighting value. In Somalia, al-Qaida was represented by the Comoros Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Kenyan Saleh el-Nabahni than by Chebab group until the nationalist vocation who refused to comply with the agenda of international terrorism. Now this attack in a foreign country, Kenya, by its magnitude and impact, may be a message from the Chebab al-Qaeda, just to earn this official dubbing. “

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