Disturbing Revelations About the Tapie Affair

Posted on Sep 30 2013 - 6:19am by Admin

According to the Socialist MEP Olivier Faure, there is no doubt that the former head of Adidas was the victim of “maneuvers” of Credit Lyonnais.

The interminable Tapie could experience new twists in the coming weeks. Claude Gueant should be heard in October by the police financial brigade. He joins the other actors in the folder indicted for “organized fraud”? Today is the legal status of the businessman, lawyer Mr. Maurice Lantourne , the former magistrate Peter Estoup , Orange CEO Stephane Richard and former president of the Consortium of achievement ( CDR ) of the Credit Lyonnais Jean-François Rocchi.


These are the conditions under which the arbitration was made ​​in 2008 in favor of Bernard Tapie, the dispute between since 1994 Credit Lyonnais on sale ‘s Adidas to Robert Louis-Dreyfus , who are at the heart of the issue . Procedure after which the CDR was ordered to pay 345 million euros to the Tapie group and 45 million for spouses Tapie, the non-pecuniary damage.

The three trial judges investigating whether the businessman would not have received the support of Nicolas Sarkozy and close to the former head of state, as Claude Gueant, then secretary general of the Elysee, and Stephane Richard, then chief of staff Christine Lagarde at Bercy, for the case to be brought before an arbitral tribunal rather than before the ordinary courts. The decision to go to arbitration, commonly accepted in business circles, has yet been confirmed by a judgment of the Administrative Court of 8 October 2009, which dismissed their appeals François Bayrou, Charles de Courson and Jean-Marc Ayrault.

Today, the case took a political turn. Many questions arise in the course of the three judges of the instructors financial hub of Paris prosecutor. Including Claire Thepaut, active member of the Union of Magistrates, deemed very left and author of the famous “Wall idiots.” Guillaume on Daieff also could be caught by a conflict of interests: its past to the Directorate General of the Treasury between 2006 and 2008, precisely at the time of arbitration functions, paving the way for a possible action for disqualification against him.

Finally troubling are the latest statements’ s Olivier Faure , PS deputy of Seine-et-Marne. This close to Jean-Marc Ayrault has launched legal action in third party proceedings against the arbitration award in favor of Tapie. But the conclusions they come to visit the High Court of Paris, lawyers Olivier Faure wrote: “It can not therefore be disputed that the spouses Tapie were victims of maneuvers of Credit Lyonnais and its subsidiaries or they were entitled to compensation … “About that corroborate the testimony of publication (see below) of the former CEO of Adidas director, upon the sale of sporting goods to Robert Louis-Dreyfus by Credit Lyonnais.

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