Dharmindar success in the film industry

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Dharmindar success in the film industry

Dharmindar works In 247 films, these almost were super hit. He born 8 December in 1935, and start his filmy career to the film “Dill bi tera hum bi terry”. He got film fare award in 1997, and awarded a Padmabhooshan Award in 2012. Bollywood super star Dharmindar is called a very lucky actor on silver screen. He got such successes in bollywood films history which didn’t have anyone.

He considered a big actor of Indian films; he made his acting in 247 films to which most films were hit in box office. He has born 8 December 1935 in Punjab’s region Sahneewal. His real name is Dharma Pol Singh. He starts his films career from film “dil bi tera hum bi tery” as romantic hero. Which was a release in 1960 whenever her film “phool aur pathar” and “soorat aur seerat” was also super hit film? Her most successful partner actress was “Meena Kumari, saira baano, mumtaaz and zeenat amaan”. Whenever his work with heema malni in most films.

Dharmindar's success in the film industry

Dharmindar success in the film industry

During 1970 dharmindar’s famous films were “Dharamweer, Ghazab, Hakoomat, Ghulami, and Hatyaar” are very famous and note able films. He introduced her son’s Sunny deol and Bobby deol in her films. He introduced sunny deol in film “Betaab” in 1983 and Bobby deol in film “Barsaat” 1995. He made another film in 2011 “yamla pagla deewana” which is include in super hit films. The first marriage of dharmindar in the age of 19 years old to parkaash koar, from which he has two sons Sunny and Bobby deol and two daughters Wegeeta and Abeeta. Whenever her 2nd marriage was to Heema Malni. The affairs of both were started to film Shollay, s shooting.

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