Defence: What Weapons for Our Soldiers Tomorrow?

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 4:57am by Admin

The Directorate General of Armaments , designer and marketer of arms of the Ministry of Defence , gave Tuesday morning at Paris ‘s annual report , before sketching the face of weapons of tomorrow.


Speaking to the press gathered in an amphitheater of the Ecole Militaire , Laurent Collet- Billon , Delegate General for Armaments, noted in particular the successes of 2013. Delivery of the first two transport aircraft A400M new generation , after years of delays , was ” something not quite simple ,” said he recognized regretting a “standard initial capacity ” that we guess disappointing. However, ” Capabilities effect is quite significant ,” he says immediately : during a recent deployment, ” we would have needed three C-130 ” to replace an A400M flight , still believes Laurent Collet- Billon in reference to one of the predecessors of the new bird. Another event of 2013: the arrival of armored infantry fighting with the new F3- R system of environmental management fighting Feline ( ” VBCIs félinisés ” ) Rafale, tanker , rifle assautLa DGA. announces that it has set in motion the new standard multirole fighter Rafale F3 -R and laser designation pods new generation . It also launched the modernization of maritime patrol aircraft Atlantic 2 air eyes of the army on the seas and oceans …

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