Chevrolet Volt in 2014, Almost Electric

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I know that my title does not like you, who are fighting for a few years to understand that the Chevrolet Volt electric car IS a full, despite the presence of an internal combustion engine.

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But admit that the distinction is a fine line between a power extended as your baby autonomy, and a plug-in hybrid (or Plug-even if I do not like the word) as the competition offers.

In simple terms, and for the common man, it is appropriate here to point out here what it is about. The Chevrolet Volt is equipped with an electric motor of 111 kWh (149 hp) powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With a branch a few hours (several hours if you do not have a high speed charger), you will be able to make a hike of some 60 km.

Obviously, you’ll understand the use that you make, combined with external factors such as temperature or the environment in which you will find will vary the total of a few kilometers in less appropriate.

But once the load emptied, you can continue your journey hassle free, with a small 1.4-liter engine of 74 horses that comes alive under the hood. And it is here that holds the shade, because in the words of General Motors, the small gasoline engine that acts as a generator, merely recharge the batteries without powering the car directly. This is what is called Voltec process (as in Volt, but I am sure you understood …).

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Of course, the gossips will question this statement, while traditional hybrid work the same way, but with a gasoline engine transmits its power directly to the wheels. And one may wonder if, at highway speeds, the principle of the Volt produces enough energy to power the batteries first, which then retransmit the energy …. I would raise a doubt here.

Nevertheless, the Volt st environmentally interesting car. Combined consumption at the end of my week-long test did not exceed 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers. And I live far from the city, which led me to drain the energy available more often than my own.

A Real Car

Once this technology and known, it must look at the Chevrolet Volt as a real car. And from this point of view, no complaints. The Volt is comfortable, roomy for four passengers (since the middle row is crossed by the battery housed in the floor), and fun to drive.

Chevrolet-Volt-in-2014-Almost-Electric (3)

It must be braking, unmanageable gradually. It should also be used to linear accelerations that provide little real sensations, but are all the same effective. The car under control becomes interesting to drive.

Also good rating for the interior design and the dashboard color, even if we also learn to master the sometimes hard to find touch buttons. And obviously a very good score for soundproofing of the cabin, even if the gasoline engine sometimes hear a less subtle growl.

The Chevrolet Volt has a base price exceeding $ 38,000. Equipped like mine with navigation, the price exceeds the $ 42,000 which may seem a little high. Of course, government funding of $ 8000 helps to lower the whole, but the Volt still remains expensive for a car of this class.

Nevertheless, we must admit, if you want an electric car, the Volt continues to be the best option, not least because the gasoline engine prevents us from living the anxiety of autonomy and not force you to calculate the distance of each move.

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