Chanel Acquires Tanner Bodin-Joyeux Specialist Lamb

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Chanel announced Thursday it had acquired the tanner Bodin-Joyeux, one of its traditional partners, located in the Indre and specialist lambskin, used for making the famous quilted bags.


This is the first time that the illustrious house acquires a tanner, told AFP Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel fashion activities. “Leather has become a strategic material. (…) For us, it is essential to continue to keep these exceptional collections in our leathers,” he has said.

This acquisition, the amount was not specified, enables secure “supply” and “traditional knowledge,” said Mr. Pavlovsky. “Much of this comes quilted bags tanning,” said he added.

The director of the tannery, Frédéric Bodin wanted “to continue to grow, he wanted to get closer to a luxury home he knew well,” the head of Chanel.

Tanning Bodin-Joyeux specialist lambskin. “This is a unique leather, very soft, very soft,” or “there is so much more tanneries able to do, except maybe one or two in Italy,” says Pavlovsky. He also emphasized “the ability to Bodin-Joyeux play with myriad colors.”

“The tannery will continue to work with all clients, without exclusivity,” he says.

The company Bodin-Joyeux, located Levroux, was created in 1860. “The company currently employs one hundred people and produces 450,000 skins per year,” said Chanel. Jobs will be retained and will remain director Frédéric Bodin said Mr. Pavlovsky.

In March, Kering (ex-PPR) had bought a tannery specializing in crocodile skins. LVMH and Hermes also acquired tanners, endeavoring to secure their supplies of high quality.

Chanel has also created Paraffection, a subsidiary that includes a dozen arts and crafts: embroidery Lesage and Montex, the plumassier Lemarié, Michel hats, gloves Causse …

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