Cecile Duflot Plunges Elysee in Trouble

Posted on Sep 28 2013 - 7:26am by Admin

The recurring criticisms of the Greens and the invective of the last Minister of Housing Policy Manuel Valls against Roma irritate increasingly socialist.

The Greens left the government, the sixth episode. After the violent attack against Cecile Duflot Manuel Valls Thursday in the controversy between them on the Roma , the question of the presence of environmentalists in the majority did not take long to ask again, but this time directly to Fran├žois Hollande . The president should not intervene immediately.


“No comment,” we evacuated briefly as president. Fran├žois Hollande should wait until Monday and enjoy a trip to Cherbourg on the theme of marine renewable energy for a word on the subject. Because among the Socialists, whether the Elysee Matignon, the Government, Parliament or Rue de Solferino, a small sentence in a loop: “It starts still to do much.”

There had been controversy over the green tax in the 2014 budget (September 2013), the outburst after the sacking of Delphine Batho (July 2013), the warning shot when the Greens parliamentarians had unanimously rejected the bill on Higher Education (May 2013), cautions against the Welsh report (November 2012), stroke chin when the party had voted against ratification of the European fiscal treaty (September 2012) … Each time, Greens had asked maintaining Cecile Duflot and Pascal Canfin government. Unanswered. Annoying? “Neither more nor less than usual. We know them, we do with. They need us more than we need them, “sighed recently a Socialist deputy.

Weakened Social Pact

Except this time, Cecile Duflot did not speak at random. Accusing Manuel Valls having with his remarks about the Roma, put “endanger the republican pact”, the Minister of Housing implicitly reminded the text justifies the presence of environmentalists in the majority, the coalition agreement signed between PS and Europe Ecology-Greens . Signed at the time between Martine Aubry and Cecile Duflot, the text does not mention explicitly the case of Roma. However, in the part devoted to “improve the lives of the French”, both political denounce, in reference to Grenoble speech of Nicolas Sarkozy, “the stigmatization of certain groups of people” who “weakened our social pact” . For socialists and environmentalists, “the Republican promise is real equality of citizens. We will fight tirelessly against all forms of discrimination.”

When Cecile Duflot believes that Manuel Valls no longer lies within the republican pact and sum Hollande to decide, it is the place of the Greens in government she asked to consolidate, against Manuel Valls, or set aside in the sacking. “In 2013, a minister that is, it opens its mouth and it does not resign,” he warned Cecile Duflot a month ago back in the days of the Greens.

So far, the president preferred to keep the Greens in its majority to benefit from a wider than that of the single PS and small PRG base. Until when? According to a survey for OpinionWay Metro, nearly 70% of French people consider that Europe Ecology-Greens does not offer a “political alternative”.

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