Cancer: Cannabis Derivatives Against Leukemia

Posted on Oct 29 2013 - 8:15am by Admin

┬áMEDICINE – According to a recent scientific study, some non-hallucinogenic components of cannabis may act as effective anticancer agents in patients with leukemia.

At a time, when the medical cannabis could make its debut in France , researchers come to highlight a new situation in which it could be used. According to a study by researchers from the University of St. George of London, some cannabis derivatives compounds are effective in treating certain types of cancer: leukemia. Their work, published in the journal Anticancer Research, reveal that they can overcome cancer cells of people with this blood cancer.

The researchers used six cannabinoids, the most common found in the cannabis plant outside of THC, the main molecule responsible for the feeling of “high”. These have tested in combination with each other and independently of leukemic cells in culture. All these compounds are non-psychotropic drugs, they do not cause the phenomenon of psychic and physical dependence. Result: the six studied cannabinoids, each demonstrated as effective as those in the THC anti-cancer properties.

An ally for existing treatments?

These compounds had even greater effect on cancer cells, when they were combined with each other. “This study is a critical step in unraveling the mysteries of cannabis as a source of medicine. Cannabinoids examined have very little or no hallucinogenic effects and properties as anticancer agents are promising, “said in a statement from the University Dr Wai Liu, lead author of the study.

The researchers found that the cannabinoids were able to interfere with the development of cancer cells and even destroy them, because their action is similar to chemotherapy. However, there would be no smoking of cannabis. “Administer by tablet or injection is used to calibrate the lowest effective dose. Smoking cannabis makes it very variable and the burning substance could also destroy the most valuable components.” Says Dr. Wai Liu.

Only problem, a treatment based on these components do not work against all cancers, as some do not respond to chemotherapy (prostate, colon …). But if he were to see the day, “inexpensive to produce these compounds could lead to a lower cost of cancer drugs in the future,” concluded the doctor. The next step of the study also will examine their effects in combination with existing treatments to whether it is possible to maximize their effectiveness.

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