Budget Vote: Obama Seeks to Divide the Republicans

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 6:58am by Admin

Behind policy positions, timid maneuvers are committed to exit the Administration of the impasse.

In appearance, the positions of Obama and the Republican speaker of the House, John Boehner , are cast in concrete: no negotiations before a vote on the budget and raising the debt has hammered the president on Tuesday a press conference. No way to vote without prior negotiations, Boehner replied immediately, accusing the president of wanting to force an “untenable capitulation.”

Government Shutdown Enters Second Week

Yet behind these tense positions, small signs that the wall strength could be in the process of cracking in favor of seeking a compromise behind the scenes. With just a week before the deadline of raising the debt ceiling, both sides seem to entertain the idea of ​​an extension of the ceiling in the short term, to help in the meantime Congress working on a more ambitious budget agreement.

Asked about this, Barack Obama said he would be willing to talk about “everything”, even if the extension of the ceiling does not exceed six weeks. The White House also announced that it will receive all members of Congress to extensive consultation. The House Democrats would be the first to see it Wednesday. It will then tour the House Republicans and the Senate. Interestingly, Obama received Tuesday several Conservative renowned journalists. He wanted the probe on the outlines of a possible compromise?

Despite the obsession of the Tea Party for this theme, Republican leaders seem willing their side to mute their claims on “health law” ( Obamacare ) Obama to end the crisis by negotiating an agreement based on the debt and deficits. An article in the influential chairman of the Budget Committee of the House, Paul Ryan, called Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal to turn the crisis “in breakthrough.”

“To break the impasse, the two sides should agree on common sense reforms”

“To break the impasse, the two sides should agree on common sense reforms of social programs and the tax code,” he wrote. Unsurprisingly, his article has generated since publication on Wednesday a wave of indignation among the Tea Party, who see health law the heart of the battle. “This editorial is the confirmation of our worst fears,” wrote the influential conservative blogger Erick Erickson , furious that the word Obamacare is not even mentioned.

In recent days, many in the Republican leadership, have shifted the axis of the battle in public and private Obamacare to the idea of ​​a grand bargain on taxes and social reform. This is the road to defeat, “he warned.

The rifts between pure fraction hard Tea Party and Republican leaders, who see the popularity of the Grand Old Party collapse and fear of being held responsible for any failure. Caught between Obama and the intransigence of his troops, Boehner has so far chosen to save time. His strength allowed him to regain some confidence in his conservative base, which considered it soft.

Save The

The Politico newspaper believes that awaits the right time to bring the thrust and pull an ambitious budget deal that allows him to save the day of his party. Ryan’s article is very similar to a trial to lure the White House ball.

For now, however, the president continues to support a Front initiative boss of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid, to post an increase in the debt ceiling until the parliamentary elections of 2014. Reid hopes to use this leverage to divide his opponents to join him and the more moderate Conservative senators. But recently he will not replicate the six conservative votes he would need to win.

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