Brushing: Not Rely your Teeth

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Gone are the dogma of the three daily brushings: dentists now recommend not more than two, but two minutes each, minimum.

Brushing- Not- Rely -your -Teeth

Dentists review their copy: the French Union for Health Oral (UFSBD) just issue new recommendations for dental hygiene: just brushing your teeth twice a day, instead of three previously . “Toothpastes contain more antiseptic and protect teeth for more than two hours after each brushing, the average time it takes to plaque (Note: whitish substance, full of bacteria, which is deposited on the teeth) to turn into tartar, “said Dr. Christophe Lequart, spokesman for the UFSBD.
For him, two good brushing better than three superficial.

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This relief rule falls even better than the French are more than 16% to comply with the ritual of the three brushings per day (53% of them skipping over the noon), according to a study Ifop made this year for the brand Sensodyne toothpaste.

“I see more and more patients who have to wear the collar teeth, says Pascale Lauffenburger, dentist in Paris . These are chemical erosion, due to food (such as excess sodas), and mechanical, due to brushing too frequent and too strong. What is important is the method: hold the brush horizontally not give him too much force, and clean his teeth vertically. And better to choose brushes with soft bristles or medium. Brushing removes only two-thirds of the plaque. It is therefore also use a dental floss or interdental brushes to remove plaque. “Today, it is the quality of brushing takes precedence: the minimum is two minutes, then we are dedicate that forty-three to fifty-seven seconds. The use of the power nozzle is preferred. “It can remove up to 6 times more plaque than a manual brush,” says Dr. Lequart. Chewing gum (sugar) is also favored by dentists because it slows down the formation of plaque. A simple “tool” to keep a bright smile all day.

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