Brushing Hair Care And Variations

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Brushing the First Thing For My Hair Care

If the 100 brush strokes of our grandmothers are no longer on the agenda, brushing is an essential move for the beauty of hair. Advice Olivier Lebrun, Hairdresser Creator Garnier Fructis for a well brushed mane.

Brushing, the first thing for my hair care Brushing, What’s the Point?

To unravel. Sometimes just a few brush strokes to discipline a mop all tangled. Talk before the nodes are required with a rule brushing morning and evening.

A oxygenate. Pollution, tobacco, styling products leave residue on our hair throughout the day. Give them a breath of fresh air by brushing!

A massaging. While brushing hair, massaging the scalp. It has the effect of stimulating blood circulation and boost the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. In the long term, the hair is beautiful and strong.

To protect them. Scalp produces sebum supposed to feed the hair. Except that it tends to stay root. Drag the lengths using the brush to feed the hair to the ends.

Good Gesture

Before you begin to paint, spray a detangler spray to facilitate the passage of the brush. Start detangle hair from the tip to the root gradually. They are very thick, break it into bits wide to make the most methodical work. Then do the test comb: take him down gently along the lengths. If he runs into a knot is that the hair is not quite trouble. So Take your brush! Otherwise, proceed to the second stage of the brush in order. Replace the hair with the brush of the neck to the front, then from left to right and right to left in order to ventilate. Finish with a few strokes of the forehead to the neck to put the mop up. You see, the result is immediate!

Variations Around A Horse-tail

Quick and easy to carry, the horse-tail can be always wearing without (much) effort. Techniques Olivier Lebrun, Hairdresser Creator Garnier Fructis for varying effects.

Variations around a horse-tailElegant

Make a basic horse-tail, roll on itself inwards on the bottom of the neck. Secure with a kirby grip. You can even chiciser this horse-tail became bun, with a net top dancer.


Make-tail horse high enough, braid loosely lengths, then secure the elastic bottom to the top with a pin. The finished bun padded gives a touch of “Chanel” to the hairstyle.


Instead of picking up the hair at the back of the skull, make a side parting and tie hair above the ear. For a macaroon Bjork, roll the hair around the elastic and re-enter the points when attaching.


Tease the hair at the root to where you want the shell, that is to say above the forehead in general (a bit wide enough!). Reassemble the rest of the hair high enough to be able to connect the hull and attach. If the shell is too high to attach the horse-tail, tie your hair normally and set the shell with a pin. The thing more? Add a nice bar at the junction between the shell and tail horse-hair to dress.

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