Bruno Gonzalez Evacuated to Emergency Home: “I Lost 162 KG in 10 Months”

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Bruno Gonzalez 49 evacuated from his home in emergency Cazères a year ago, has already lost 162 kg. This father has taken a liking to life. It shows.

Sitting quietly outside, shaded by nearly 30 ° C, Bruno Gonzalez, smiling, talking. He talks about everything and nothing. He just lives in the clinical Castle Vernhes Bondigoux, north of Toulouse. There is almost a year late September 2012, the firefighters had to break down the wall of his apartment on the 2nd floor, Cazeres-sur-Garonne, in order to evacuate. This man, who weighed about 320 kg was not left his house for months (our previous editions).

Bruno Gonzalez Evacuated to Emergency Home “Today, I lost 162 kg, I weigh 158, relates, snowman, Bruno Gonzalez finally released from her bed. The biggest is done! “

The former entrepreneur, father, has made tremendous progress in a year. “At Christmas, I could not walk. Today I’m going everyday in the canteen. Moreover, the chef is very good. The menus are varied. “When he arrived at the clinic Bondigoux the patient needed more than 5 hours and 10 people to his toilet. At Christmas, the three or four nurses were only 20 to 30 minutes. “Since I have taken my first shower. This is a super desire I had. “A feeling that says Dr. Frederick Sanguignol, head of clinical Castle Vernhes. “The people suffering from morbid obesity are often unable to carry out the basic hygiene practices. It is difficult for them. “

In 10 months at the clinic, Bruno has lost more weight than it weighs now. “People call me, ask me about my new, some came here. I do not know. “

He hopes to send a message. “I hesitated a lot, I was afraid of the unknown and I was very shy. It’s true we do not know what sauce they will be eaten, admits the patient. Today I want to tell people in my situation it is possible. I want to help and make them benefit from my experience. “

The facility in which Bruno was greeted is a true haven for him. “When I was home, I was feeling pretty suicidal. I never imagined that there could be such a wonderful place. The nursing staff is very involved, it is a complete rebirth. I see the light. “

Bruno Gonzales learns to walk. Gradually, he sets goals. “I want to gallop faster, play sports and live normally. I have desires and priorities that I did not have before, “And bet:.” Soon, I’ll wait for you outside of La Depeche du Midi in Toulouse. “

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