Brignoles: PS Take this Hit, The UMP Remains Cautious

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The left keeps the Republican Front facing FN in the partial Cantonal Brignoles.


“To the left is a clear shot across the bow,” said David Assouline, following the elimination of the candidate of the left in the cantonal partial Brignoles in the Var. Spokesman for the PS, “it verifies what we have been saying for several months when the FN is strong, high, you definitely need the unity of the left in the first round. If the voice of the Communist Party and the Greens, we added it was there in the second round, “he has observed. The failure of PC-PS candidate Brignoles is the demonstration that the allied parties can not afford to appear dispersed in order electorally sensitive areas. This analysis also shows that had already been put forward after the defeat of the Socialist Party during the legislative part in Villeneuve-sur-Lot , in June.

In the partial Cantonal Brignoles, outgoing PCF supported by the PS, got 14.6% of votes, and EELV 8.9%. This is a UMP, with 20.9% qualified for the second round against FN (40.4%). PS immediately confirmed that he stood in the line of the Republican Front. The Labour Minister Michel Sapin called Monday morning, as David Assouline, to vote for “the only Republican candidate”, ie the UMP.

The UMP Obliged to Return the Favor?

This strategy does embarrass the elected opposition? The head of the UMP has remained very quiet Monday morning. And very little opposition MPs have expressed a position on this duel UMP-FN. It is true that this result avoids the UMP a difficult debate on how to vote in the second round when dual PS-FN. But the call of the PS vote UMP does not necessarily forward the UMP, which does not want to have to return the favor.

“The PS has a archaic strategy. The Republican Front is a destructive spiral, “said an elected UMP, who refuses to align the position of the PS. Several officials also relativize this result. The UMP Jérôme Chartier, close to François Fillon, said that “this is the first time that the UMP comes in the second round since 2011.” It is true that in the last two elections, the 2011 and the 2012 – both disabled because of too small difference of voice, the PC faced the FN.

Although the UMP has earned its place in the second round of the election, several officials of the rue de Vaugirard believe that the situation is “serious”. “The FN 40%, it is not nothing! It should not stick to the autosuggestion explaining that all is well! Must meet in emergency working group to take this head on. “

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