Bretigny: Questions About the Extent of the Disaster Flights

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A dozen victims mourns the loss of personal items. Instructions had been given to minimize these facts is disputed by the prosecution.

French railway employees and rescue workers inspect the wreckage of a derailed intercity train at the Bretigny-sur-Orge station near Paris

This is a story worthy Ubu Roi d ‘. From the day of the accident, the police union Alliance had reported looting: a group of young “would stripped victims and especially the first corpses.” Information subsequently denied by the authorities. However, according to several sources familiar with the matter, flights have taken place after the derailment of the train Corail Paris-Limoges on 12 July in Bretigny-sur-Orge , and have even been given instructions to all the forces that were present on site (Samu, firefighters, police, etc..) to silence or minimize these facts. It is theft of mobile phones, iPhone, electronic equipment or luggage.

Saturday, September 28, at the briefing to the victims of derailment organized by the government in Paris, several train passengers had spoken to share flights which they were victims. Guillaume Pepy , head of the station , they had then responded to statements flying the railway, specifying them that these statements are all held to be true by the SNCF, which reimburse each victim the amount of damage. A procedure for the least unusual, since in such cases, proof of payment is required prior to any payment.
“Clearly, I had no education”

These flights were not committed by youth who had engaged in throwing stones at rescuers, and stole the cell phone an emergency physician on the access to the station footbridge. Nor by those who were in the parking lot and threw stones towards firefighters and police. These were “dislodged quickly but have not been arrests because police had other things to do that night,” says a source close to the investigation. These flights are the result of what police call a “thief of opportunity.” From videotapes Station Bretigny, investigators were able to identify one or two individuals without a suitcase before the derailment which then walked on the tracks before leaving with a suitcase. Contacted by Le Figaro, the prosecutor in Evry, Eric Lallement, said two sheeted wagons are sealed since July 12, and that no one could get inside because of their lack of stability.

According to him, it is possible that the alleged objects “stolen” are actually still inside the car. SNCF has also asked the judges in charge of education permission to enter. About charges of minimizing the extent of flights that night, Eric Lallement replied: “Clearly, I had no training and I have given none. I am positive. “

On July 18, our colleagues Point published a confidential document of the central management of CRS reports throwing projectiles and theft on the victims of the train derailment. During a press conference given on 24 July, the Evry prosecutor declared a jacket with a wallet and a checkbook belonging to a victim and a calendar and a computer invoice from another victim had been found after the disaster at the RER station Chatelet. Today, only two people have complained for theft.

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