Breast Cancer: Mammography is it Really effective?

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 8:43pm by Admin

In a study of breast cancer made ​​public Tuesday in the United States, the benefits of mammography are ” overestimated ” while the risks , they would be ” underestimated “. But what is really by “risk” ? Back to results .
For several years, many campaigns are put in place to encourage women to breast cancer screening . In France in 2013 , the Pink October was organized for the twentieth consecutive year in order to convince women of the usefulness of early detection and to advance research on the leading cause of death among women in France . One review is not enough, women 50 to 75 years are often invited to perform a mammogram every two years.

However, a study published Tuesday in the United States comes back somewhat into question the effectiveness of this method . According to this report , the benefits of mammography are overestimated while the risks are underestimated. The first danger of this screening tool is found to be over- diagnosis. A problem that affect 19% of women after Nancy Keating, co -author of the study published in the Journal of the America Medical Association and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital , “I tell my patients that the mammography is not a perfect test , ” she says .

Based on several studies conducted over fifty years , it was found that in a group of 10,000 women aged 40-50 years , 190 will be diagnosed as suffering from breast cancer . However, it is impossible to know with the current techniques , if the tumor is benign or if it is likely to evolve. Therefore , many women would be treated against cancer when they are not actually sick. According to the study , 36 women out of 190 will have to undergo a procedure that is not necessary for them .

In addition, more than half of women who undergo this annual review for 10 years can expect one day to receive a false positive result and can therefore also undergo a series of unnecessary tests .

What impact on mortality figures ?
Also according to this study, annual mammography would reduce by 19% the mortality from breast cancer among women. A figure that increases substantially with age, since he expected 32% for women over sixty. Each year in the United States, 232,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed and 39,000 women die from the disease according to the American Cancer Institute .

Other institutes have prepared studies on breast cancer have also argued that a woman would have made ​​detected by mammography would have less chance of dying than those detected by physical examination.From all these observations , we can observations,ask whether it is in our interest to abandon mammography screening . But even if it is highly contested , this technique is advocated by many professional and remains today , the only tool available .

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