Bouygues Telecom also Launched 4G 3G Price

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The operator in the footsteps of its competitor Free, but offers a much better way to high-speed broadband coverage than the latter.

 It will therefore not have to wait very long for the competition to react to the announcement of Free.


Bouygues Telecom has relaunched Monday the price war between mobile operators by announcing that 4G extended at no extra cost to all packages of its range, excluding B & You, a week after rival Free. “Starting today, Bouygues Telecom democratizes 4G making more accessible the largest 4G network in France (63% coverage) and thus encourages the development of uses, “said the operator in a statement. Free Mobile announced on Tuesday an offer 4G, a network that allows you to have a mobile internet speed equivalent to that of a fixed line, the price of the 3G, that is to say less than 20 euros.

Best 4G Network Coverage

Bouygues Telecom is the first major operators to respond to this new offer of Free Mobile. Orange , SFR and Bouygues Telecom had hitherto not hide their hope to return value with this new technology by selling more expensive than their 3G offerings. Bouygues Telecom covers 63% of the population since the launch of 4G network on October 1, which represents a significant advantage over its competitors Orange and SFR, which, themselves, will reach 40% to 50% coverage by the end of the year. In its statement, Bouygues Telecom states that “customers who subscribe to these offers (3G, Ed) will automatically benefit from the 4G, at no extra cost and without any re-engagement”, provided you have a compatible phone 4G.

The integration of 4G in all packages currently marketed range operator will be “no extra cost,” he says. Bouygues Telecom also adds that he “will not pass the VAT increase scheduled for 1 January price of its offerings or those offers B & You”, its low cost subsidiary. At the location of customers of its direct low cost subsidiary B & You, competing mobile Free, Bouygues said that the 4G they will be available “soon”, confirming the announcement last week by the marketing director of B & You in a tweet. The advance in terms of coverage of Bouygues is related to the permission he had received to take advantage of a frequency that previously used for 2G (voice only) to get the mobile broadband. Giving it, at least for a few months, a competitive advantage over its competitors.

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