BMW i3 Test: A New Direction

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There are BMW, there division ‘M’ for sport and there is now the brand ‘i’ for electro-mobility. First 100% electric model, the i3 happens on our roads this month. First trial in the Netherlands between Amsterdam and Zandvoort.

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The Renault- Nissan has taken a big lead in the field of car 100% electric. Worn by Leaf and ZOE, the market remains embryonic but very important in terms of image. Better Tesla is based on a true bubble that allows it to display a market capitalization (€ 21 billion) six times higher than that of PSA (3.5 billion). If this bubble were to seize BMW, how much worth its action in a year?

For the i3 is more than a new car. A new brand has emerged to be a global project. A project that has developed a shell mixing plastic and carbon fiber as part of a joint venture conducted in the United States. A factory is built in Washington state and run by water power. A project that opens new avenues to the development of the Leipzig plant and its wind farm designed to cover more than 100% of the energy needs of the site. A project that attempts to impose a 360 ° movement by moving your smartphone and taking control of your home automation … Yes, it’s an idea internally!

It is probably still abstract for many. But the application is already fully functional to manage only i3. With his phone, just tell what time it is expected to leave. The interior starts to twenty degrees. And the load, if the car is plugged in, fits.

The i3 is a brick of a division, is crucial for BMW. It is also the cornerstone of the launch of BMW i. This is an image model intended to show that BMW is already at Renault and Nissan. A model to achieve its objectives to show the ability of BMW to enter the era of electric mobility, the weight should be brought to appreciate in coming years.

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With this city of 4 meters, BMW has kept the details. The engine, tiny, is placed on the rear axle. The i3 is a pure propulsion with a very low center of gravity (due to the location of the battery) and a weight distribution of 50/50 on each axle. The turning circle is less than 10 meters and weighs just under 1200 pounds. The handling is outstanding.

This low weight makes it a very dynamic car in the city. On the first 20 meters, it is unbeatable. Up to 70 km / h the 125 kW engine power (equivalent to 170 horsepower) grow strong. 100 km / h is reached in 7.2 seconds. It is necessary to get used to the sudden deceleration when the foot is lifted off the accelerator. The car ‘brakes’ really and brake lights come on automatically to warn other drivers. Meanwhile, the battery is charging. But the goal of conducting electric car can not be adopting a sporty driving. We prefer eco-driving. Favoring the Eco Pro mode, or Eco Pro + before using the Comfort mode that allows you to use all capabilities of the car.

Inside, the atmosphere is unique. The materials are a signature of the brand i. We find natural wool, a tanned leather extracted from olive leaves, eucalyptus and kenaf. In my static discovery of the BMW i3, I was very excited by the little look and feel of kenaf, a plant fiber from the hibiscus. Placed ‘away’ driver, it blends perfectly into the inner world rolling.

Rest of the i3 line. It is often criticized. It is always a matter of taste, although it is true that the drawing is not necessarily part of the canons of fashion. For division i, it was unthinkable to offer a 100% electric car without displaying fully and proudly. By the way Toyota has proposed, there has sixteen remarkable with its Prius model, BMW is that the owner of a i3 stands, they can not see clearly its environmental consciousness. Roll i3 must be a real position.

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The rest is easy. One speed forward, one backward and silent operation especially valuable. The seats can be a little hard, even more than the average for German cars, but autonomy avoid staying too long at the wheel.

During this test, seeking to understand the acceleration, braking and handling, autonomy was down compared to ads. Could cover 110 kilometers before starting to enter an advanced state of stress. It has to be very small compared to our pétaradantes cars. But it is above another way of consuming cars.

For many, a car is not traveling 100 kilometers per day. That will be enough for 80% of car drivers. Remains to educate potential clients and teach them a car, like a phone, every night on a branch outlet. And, as a phone, it is necessary to wait 30 minutes fast charge to 80%, 6 hours on a Wall Box or 8 hours on a household outlet.

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So yes, BMW offers an optional range extender (EUR 4 710). But what interest to opt for the twin 34 horsepower when you are convinced to use an i3? In France, 80% of cars could be sold with the additional engine and tank 9 liters. In other countries, this rate should be reduced to 20%!

Marketed from 27 990 euros (including bonuses), the BMW i3 advantage of a turnkey solution. It is not necessary to rent the battery, guarantees 8 years or 100 000 km. This is cheaper than a Nissan Leaf Tekna. And to compare a Renault ZOE Zen with 7 years of battery leasing or 100 000 km is equivalent to 23,524 euros … Yes, BMW has really neat positioning of the i3.

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