Ben Arfa To Rescue Thauvin

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Hatem Ben Arfa has Thauvin Florian, now labeled a player refuses to judge in which he finds his youthful indiscretions. In an interview with France Football as a mea culpa, the wisp of Newcastle returns to the case of neo-Marseille and its own course. While admitting his dream of football.


“I’m a fan but not today. Player I love this because it has a little of what we find in Ribery, the Ben Arfa. He has talent, carelessness, creativity.” José Anigo is not the only one compared Thauvin Florian , the newest member of the OM to Hatem Ben Arfa . The firm has established itself in the parallel columns of France Football, defending the ephemeral Lille, singled out by France Football as a whole. “I take everything. I know I’ve been a head slap that made ​​her whims when things went wrong. I’m not very proud to have done my example to rebel from Marseille, former blast resident of the INF Clairefontaine. Now, obviously I do not do it again. But when I see what happened for example with Thauvin, I did not want to yell at him. I believe that it will pay to understand, to learn … It will be difficult for him because now he has a label. Actually, I have more desire to protect and complain than to criticize. “

Today flourished in Newcastle , after a disastrous start career Lyon and Marseille , Hatem Ben Arfa has matured and learned from his past mistakes. “I understand that for a very long modesty, it was not really my thing. I thought my talent far enough to impose myself and break everything. As we kept telling me since I was little I was the best, I believed it. I was convinced that it would be easy, before accumulating failures, he said. It took time and a bit of intelligence, before I realized that I had lost my way. Whether I was wrong and I was wrong myself. For a long time there was no one to talk to me, to educate me, teach me to life the rules. I was delivered to me. So I built all alone in my own way, without paying attention to others. Nobody had control over me. I heard that one myself said, but I did not listen. No word reached me. This is why I got into several walls. “

Now the Magpy wants to move forward, always feeding her wildest dreams, dreams of a kid. “For twenty-six years, I still have plenty of time to me. I’m not here on time of end balances career, he says. I know some will still take me for a fool, but I still dream for example the Ballon d’Or. I am convinced that this is still possible. J ‘ have disappointed many people in recent years, I have not even bothered probably hurt too. But those people were right. I was not very professional. I think I gradually changed because I’ve changed. I understood some basic stuff at the strength of a community. I still believe that one day I will be the best player in the world. But my greatest victory is not that one . It is that of becoming a fulfilled man after going through much hardship. “

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