Ben Arfa, Dirty Kid Lucid

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In great shape at the start of next season Newcastle Hatem Ben Arfa returned to its complicated journey Tuesday in France Football. The dribbler left, 26, says he changed, recognizing his lack of modesty and professionalism younger.


It was indefensible. And he himself admits. Hatem Ben Arfa has been one of the worst examples for French football in the last decade. In addition, no blame his sins if he returns to the Blues. Author of a superb start to the season with Newcastle, tireless in his provocations ball player and the most decisive of his team (two goals, two assists and other purposes caused assists), the 26 years is an act of repentance. Normal, the World Cup is played at the end of the season and he does not despair of patch up with Didier Deschamps, a year and a half after the Euro with Laurent Blanc.

In the columns of France Football, the kid known for his time at INF Clairefontaine said he “evolved” recognizing his faults. This exceptional dribbler unable to play intelligently and collectively, the unmanageable player in a professional group? he was known to all (or almost, football fans on Youtube fawning player ever). “I have disappointed many people in recent years, I even annoyed quite as likely. But those people were right. I was not very professional. In fact, I n ‘had not grown too much, I have long believed that I could take the ball and go through on goal as when I was young … “, dare he say.

But He Still Wants To Be Zidane

Ben Arfa back and hold his lack of modesty. “For a long time,” it was “not my thing”, since it has been “repeated since childhood” that was “the best”, and that it was “convinced that it would be easy” . An educational problem? Absolutely. “For a long time there was no one to talk to me, to educate me, to teach me life rules. I was delivered to me. So I built all alone in my own way, without pay attention to others. Nobody had control over me. I heard what you told me, but I do not. listened No word reached me. This is why I came in several walls, “he says.

Fortunately, Ben Arfa showed a “lack of intelligence” to realize that he had “lost”. Humility, therefore, will allow him to concentrate on his football and win, maybe one day, during a regular match and even an entire season. At the same time, the native of Clamart think “it is still possible” to be part of the best players in history. “People will think I’m crazy, but I still dream of winning the Ballon d’Or. In 20 or 30 years, I want my name to be mentioned alongside those of Platini, Zidane, Pele and Maradona” , he concluded, in a pretentious and always thoughtless kid. If he misses the next season, he will again be inexcusable.

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