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Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 11:24am by Admin

The French play in the quarter-finals of Euro 2013 against the second Group F Men Vincent Collet lost against Serbia (65-77) without giving the impression of wanting to really take.


It is not completely hopeless, because there will be a sequel: France is in the quarterfinals of the Euro, it has been known for its Friday and win against Latvia. But his latest defeat against Serbia (65-77) actually raises many questions. The desire was not there, and Tony Parker has this time failed to find that extra something that has already (too) often allowed the Blues to save the house. “This game we forget guys quarterfinals in mind, “proclaimed Captain Boris Diaw to his troops at the end of the game. But we should not forget too either.

“There was a lack of hardness in the first period, the referees could not whistle all the mistakes, says’ Babac.” We should have responded by being too hard, it was a little more done in the second period but the difference was already done. was a certain concentration on games, other it was less. “It is well to recognize, but it is obviously not what will save the French. There is no real number that can materialize this failure, if it may be the loss of the battle of rebounds (41 against 34) or the lack of success in big three points (2/14, against 7/17 for the Serbs).

Colo: “We Each Play Our Turn”

No, it’s just biting that is sorely lacking, in total contrast with the opponent. The European vice-champions conceded every quarter-time. Led 17-11 at the eighth minute, Vincent Collet players have consistently ran behind the score or so. Alexis Ajin├ža, very spirited first period allowed to board a short time (24-25, 13th) and Nicolas Batum are then put to hers to second (26-29, 16th). But Serbia already led 38-31 at halftime and 50-38 late in the third quarter (27th) …

Two days after turning the light, the team of France has even donned his dark suit to record a third loss in this European Championship. The finding of Colo Nando is uncompromising: “We can not afford to play like that, and regretted the third Spur the Blues on Canal + Sport It is not normal that everyone plays in our turn and attack that. ‘defend it when it wants. We talked at halftime. It will react, to agree to what we want in the quarter. “The message is clear. Hoping that “TP” is still saving the homeland against the second Group F, which could well be Spain.

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