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Jean-Michel Aulas and Pierre Menes were told Sunday Live on Canal +. They returned to the interview with the second named Bafetimbi Gomis. Some things do not like the President of the OL.


Jean-Michel Aulas was angry, so he offered a new and strange duplex – planned and announced in advance – with Pierre Menes on Canal +. The topic? Back on the reporter’s interview last week with Bafetimbi Gomis . The latter did not want from Lyon and is finally remained, while the president wanted to sell a year before the end of his contract. “There are two types of problems, began by presenting” JMA “. First is in shape, because I am surprised and I do not have the opportunity to respond and the most important thing is on the bottom:. Menes is not well placed to talk about the case of ‘Bafé’ so objective. “

But then, what really irritates and as Aulas? “He did say at the end to ‘Bafé’ he wanted much to the president, not the OL.” Otherwise, the exchange of pleasantries was quite courteous, even if the boss Gones could not help but bite his interlocutor on his brief spell as manager at the Stade de Reims : “We will be able to exchange as Menes had a responsibility , not very long that’s true, but it is in constant contact with managers and agents. “

It Did Not Fly High

Aulas has also tried to scold the reporter on his way to Merano company Bafetimbi Gomis. He got this reply: “Do not blame me for trying to lose weight.” No comment, however, on the part of “World Food Day” on prolonged passage player CFA, despite reminders of Menes … “Only n was not set relationship with the agents to his departure to Newcastle , all the other problems were like 5% solidarity with Saint-Etienne , “said Lyon boss.

After the departure of Lisandro , the situation has completely changed. It became normal to manage the contract. Should he return? course, and you would have done the same for me. “Surly but not too Aulas still finished by pressing a little, Menes reproaching him to create the “buzz” alone: ​​”I do not accept it from someone who has a very superficial view of life and management of a club. It is not the objective opinion of the journalist. You’re the winner in a second time, you do the ‘buzz’ not as a journalist but your peripheral activities such as blog. “Last skirmish on the pronunciation of “z” instead of the final “s” on the name of Menes, and we can conclude that it did not fly very high.

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