Apple iPhone 5 Review

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Three days after its sale in a dozen countries, Apple has already sold 5 million copies of the iPhone 5, despite a somewhat controversial home appliance. Not enough innovation for some, a nice change for others.

A year after the release of the 4S, the 6th generation iPhone is being debated. Thinner, lighter, longer and more powerful, the iPhone 5, provided the new version of iOS (6) slice he frankly with the iPhone 4S ? Is it a good smartphone with effective multimedia features? Response in this test bench …

Apple iPhone 5 Review 15 Ergonomics and Ddesign

A family. 28 grams lighter on the scale compared to the iPhone 4S (112g against 140g for the 4S, and 133 g for the Galaxy S3), 8.6 mm more height, more refined profile (7.6 mm) a dressed either glass but aluminum back, if the iPhone 5 does not stand out blatantly 4S (the circumference of the device does not change, the back remains flat, not curved …) the facelift is nonetheless. Apple, which did not want, leaving the diagonal of 3.5 inches of previous generations, pass the format “pie server” on this new model, has also been careful not to give more importance to the width of the device. We find ourselves to appreciate its lightness and maneuverability. The phone is always easily used with one hand.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 14Look side, no doubt, we are dealing with an iPhone. Apple opts for consistency. The fans who like to make their club membership off iPhone owners can rest assured that the latest is clearly identifiable – despite a mid-mid-back glossy mat. Those who hoped for a break will be more circumspect. Apple does not let the aesthetic (it would also reason to do so?) That made its brand image in the market for smartphones. The condition of the firm for less is more (minimalist look, choice of materials and perfect finish) continues. Whether we like it or not its looks, but little daring “fashion”, we must recognize that the iPhone 5 exhibits a neat dress.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 13After a short week with a black version, we do not have to lament scratch or nick on the rear surface of anodized aluminum. But we will ensure the aging of the material. The white version should undoubtedly less score.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 12While the iPhone 4S put to the famous closet SIM card, requiring a micro-SIM, the iPhone 5 demand race for miniaturization requires a nano-SIM. Yes, 4S owners, it simply means we will have to return to your operator to make the change.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 11Another point decried when the output number 5 is the change of connectivity. Ten years since the connector iPod, iPad and iPhone has not changed and it is now done. Rage and roar of the share of iBidule of the “old” generation owners. To connect the new iPhone to devices such dockstations compatible with the old dock, it will be necessary to provide an adapter to … 29 euros. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin will offer owners of Air exchange the dock connector for the new Lightning.

The new connector is much smaller, to fit the fineness of the terminal, and is also reversible – this plug in any way. It is simple to connect. By testing transfer files from a PC to the iPhone 5 and the 4S, we found that the iPhone 5 was quickly transferred the film. But saving time is it due to the new connector (USB 2.0) and / or the fact that the new terminal is more powerful?

Bench changes also emphasize that the site that hosts the new helmet EarPods password in the device, and not above. Several smartphones available on the market have made the same choice. A solution that allows one not to have the headphone wire that invites to the screen – this can happen by looking, for example, a video and two out of his pocket the smartphone screen place.

As usual at Apple, no memory expansion possible on this new iPhone either. He will have to choose between one of three versions available: 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB


Longer but not wider. Last weekend we published the test screen of the iPhone 5, now with a 4 inch 16/9 (1136×640 pixels).

According to our test results, the contrast ratio is a better hair (slightly increased sun exposure), he spent a contrast of 800:1 to 1000:1. This level remains the same regardless of the brightness setting on the screen. Regarding the brightness precisely, push up, the iPhone 5 (500 cd / m²) is greater than the 4S and, more than that of the Galaxy S3 . In contrast, the terminal Samsung takes the advantage of the persistence time, the better.

The screen of the iPhone 5 is more accurate in terms of colorimetry with a Delta E of 3.4. The colors are a bit warmer than the 4S, which pulled slightly toward the blue. This gives the impression of a display a little more “flashy” without achieving some crazy colors AMOLED screens.

As with its predecessor, the display of the iPhone 5, which retains the same pixel density as the 4S is very good, with a substantial fine which leaves not foresee any pixel and excellent readability in all circumstances – including the web pages – without necessarily needing to zoom.

The Retina display on the iPhone 5, the touchpad is now integrated into the screen, so has always made good, however we noticed a slight tendency to display a white slightly yellow (photo below) on the iPhone 4S.

Interface and Navigation

An immutable interface, or almost. With the update of iOS (available for iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S), the user interface has been slightly retouched. Point “revolution” here, not more customization or even information displayed on the lock screen. Again, Apple is capitalizing on the existing, a born five years ago interface.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 10The system used for mobile Apple will not be lost, far from it, as the light changes (interface camera review, keyboard wins’ key …). For others, they will find their marks quickly, the remaining intuitive interface (rudimentary argue some mobile users who prefer Android, more open and tie) and easy to understand.

To recap, to use a iBidule must sign the contract iTunes, the software house which must pass through all the contents to install on an iPhone (iPad, iPod …). With alterations made to iTunes ergonomics – the new lighter version will be available in October – it should be obvious to make the integrated (iTunes, App Store and 700,000 apps …) Apple ecosystem. Must agree to be constantly on a marked path, framed by the California firm. A point that makes it simple for many (there just follow the road), but also restricts freedoms. In front, functioning as a storage space of the hard disk type, Android smartphones offer greater flexibility. Again, this is a matter of choice based on their desires (to be taken by the hand from Apple or have a larger space personalization at Google, where everything is not rosy either).

But back to some proposed new iOS 6. The black dot in the update of iOS is undoubtedly Plans, the navigation solution with voice guidance made ​​in Apple, which will, for some time, was put out of reach of iPhone users the solution Google Maps of the opponent, simply ejected from the pre-installed apps (as well as YouTube, of course).

The California firm would she go too fast? Some uncertainty about the misses seen Plans (not available routes, found places or incorrectly, satellite views distorted, flattened buildings …). In launching this new service in a hurry – if we stick to the current result – Apple made a strategic mistake. For the moment, it is far from 3D demos made during the press conference launch … Too bad when you consider that the application of localization is one of the most used services on a smartphone.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 9Of course we must allow time for Apple to convert the try – iPhone users are also invited to errors encountered in the form of comments – but, meanwhile, are often left unsatisfied. Faced with Google Maps, about effective and free shipping services offered by Nokia, Apple still has a way to go! Google took years to offer a service like his. The Mountain View juggernaut fielded thousands of people responsible for checking the mapping, while Apple seems to trust that computers and other algorithms.

The solution, until the firm completes its solution and / or Google grows on the AppStore (if Apple wants!) An iOS Maps app? Go site and push this web page on the home page of the iPhone 5, as applicable. At the time we complete the development of this test, according to the New York Times, Google plancherait on the subject and could offer an application by Christmas.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 8Another novelty with PassBook application, which allows you to group within the same page coupons (in France, Auchan is already a partner), airline (Lufthansa) tickets, concert … When the number of partners will be sufficient in France, the billfolds electronic, it will suffice to present the coupons and tickets are scanned, should be a practical app.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 7Facebook has become more integrated, and more prompt in applications like calendar, sharing photos directly from the gallery or contact synchronization. This is significant, but Apple only recover to the level Android and Windows Phone.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 5Apple iPhone 5 Review 6A Racing

Now for the power delivered by the two heart A6 chip clocked at 1 GHz and coupled with 1 GB RAM iPhone 5 has an excellent reactivity and provides a high fluidity when it comes to navigating in the interface or scrolling in a web page.

Faster than the iPhone 4S? Yes, it is and, upon ignition, which requires a few seconds less on the number 5. Opening applications, software downloads, responsiveness camera sensor, velocity Facebook application … The iPhone 5 is ultra-responsive and never balks at the task. By the newborn face 4S, you can see the difference. Note however, that does not mean that the 4S shows much slower, because in time, it continues to display a beautiful fluidity.

The game software benchmark, the iPhone 5 exceeds, by far, when it comes to computing power, all recent smartphones added to the comparison.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 4Multimedia

A great pocket camera. When asked, the iPhone 5 is it (the) best in photo? To date The Digital said yes, with the publication of the new sensor test this new iPhone. In terms of image rendering, yes, the iPhone 5 is better than the 4S , even if the jump in quality is not obvious. The quality, however, is more consistent on all pictures: the sharpness is better, with more details posted.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 3The iPhone 5 is shown perfectly responsive to the initiation and development. Saving images also done quickly. On this point, there is a slight increase compared to the iPhone 4S, a hair less swift.

Using the flash always tend to toast the images we recommend, especially as the 8 megapixel sensor (ƒ/2.4) has better white balance in low light. There has to look at the two pictures above to see without difficulty with the iPhone 5, even in a very dark environment, we see clear. Sure, the image processing is not for nothing – the images are smoothed – but at least the scene, especially in the center, offers a lot of detail without using the flash.

How he has to face GS3 and HTC One X , endowed also with multimedia? Overall, the sensor of the iPhone 5 offers better, more harmonious, more detailed too. It is now the best cameraphone of comparison. The Apple device will soon be compared to the promising Nokia Lumia 920 with the PureView technology.

Take a photo while filming … a “revolution”? No, a simple upgrade. Samsung already offers this convenient feature on the GS3 . Photo capture is simple and quite impressive result. Video capture is also very decent for a smartphone with an effective detection of faces.

As a video player, the iPhone 5 turns without falter videos in 1080p. According to the format, the film takes full advantage of the available space on the screen. Exit the black bars so. In terms of the formats supported by iTunes (required to install content in its iPhone gateway), the list is not very long: H.264 up to 1080p, MPEG-4.

The audio portion of the iPhone 5 is fully controlled with an accurate helmet, with a powerful and dynamic surpassing that of all its competitors out. No noise or any distortion of the signal were detected. The iPhone 5 is now the new standard audio smartphones currently on the market.

Regarding the speaker, like the rest, the sound is very clean, no saturation point even at full volume, which is much better than its predecessor. The new helmet is it good? We invite you to read the test EarPods , which deliver better sound than the old model.

Apple iPhone 5 Review 2With the updated between iCloud and Safari (Apple’s web browser, still reactive), it is possible to keep the browsing history across multiple devices (iPad and iPhone, for example). Practice to resume playback of a web page on another screen, another time. Playback mode allows you to store web pages to read later offline. In short, the web experience is always enjoyable.

Thanks to its excellent raw performance (computing power and management of 3D), the iPhone 5 is a very good mobile gaming. So, even the most resource-intensive games run without any problems, with exemplary fluidity. Note that all games have not yet been updated by the developer community to extend the new surface of the screen, it is still common to see black bars on the sides of the bustling space. Finally, note that after a few tens of minutes, the back of the phone starts heating up and, as we have often pointed out, the game is quite energy functionality.

Apple iPhone 5 ReviewAutonomy

To conclude this test, evoke the autonomy of this new smartphone has a 1430mAh battery. We must recognize that Apple has no miracle here. The endurance of the iPhone 5 is more or less the same as the 4S, that a day at the most intensive use in 3G and Wi-Fi The iPhone 5 has certainly a very significant fineness and weight but requiring a user might have preferred a slightly beefier battery (see the Galaxy S3 and its 2100mAh battery, more durable) and, let’s be crazy, an optical image stabilization system for the camera sensor.


Should swap his 4S for iPhone 5? The jump in quality is noticeable, but evolution does not clearly pushes the 5th generation iPhone at discount! The main gains? A timeliness of increased tasks and lighter phone pocket.

Should swap his iPhone 4 (and 3GS, 3G) for the new iPhone? Who wants to make the most beautiful pictures and enjoy a powerful smartphone capable of running without difficulty all applications and games, then yes, the question arises. The gain in quality here is more obvious.

Should we look elsewhere than Apple? Competition has long been awake and sometimes brings more Apple news, it is a fact. In front of the iPhone 5? The good GS3 , which offers bonus for those interested today, compatibility with NFC and greater autonomy. Always Android, we find the Galaxy Note 2 and XXL screen. Some may wait to see what also gives the Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8. By Christmas, many terminals are expected on the market, including the promising Microsoft. Smartphones and OS (iOS, Android, WP8, BB OS, Bada …), there is something for everyone, for all the expectations. Every user has different needs, each list its requirements!

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