Anjuman’s life journy

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Anjuman’s life journy

The film Anjuman gives more prestige to the Roona Laila.

She had born in 1952. She started his career at the age of 13 to the film “Hum dono.The roona laila has the name in the Pakistan film play back singing.

She had born in 17 November 1952 in Bangladesh. She had born in a middle class family. Her mother also was Singer that’s why she got that talent in heritage. Her elder sister Veena Laila also was a good and admirable singer. Her personality was too much attractable as compared to Roona Laila. Her father Imdaad Hussain works in custom department. He was a senior officer.

Anjuman's life journy

Anjuman’s life journy

The roona’s mother was not a professional singer. She sings only in the private ceremonies of family, Friends, and relatives. However the Veena Laila was a professional singer. Once upon Veena have to perform in any ceremony but she was ill that’s why roona laila perform in that ceremony. Roona Laila starts his career as singer when she was 13 years old in 1966 in the direction of Alhamid’s film “Hum dono”.

In that film her song “Unki nazro say mohabbat ka Jo paighaam mila was hit and famous. In Gharoonda the song “Kaisa Gharoonda tootawas also famous. The director Hassan Tariq’s famous film “Anjuman” is given the prestige to her career. Roona laila sings songs also for Punjabi films. In which “Do dil ik doo jaykolon door ho Gaye” and Iqbal Kashmir’s film “Babul” are famous and admirable.

When Bangladesh has to come in map then roona laila also left us, where she works for Bangladeshi Bollywood industry. Rona Leila performs his duty in musical programs as the jury in India.

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