An Ultra-Deserved Title For The Blues.

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ROMAN-PHOTOS – band Tony Parker won his first major title by defeating Lithuania in the final.


  • The Info.

Generation Tony Parker offered the French basketball the first major title in its history Sunday night beating Lithuania (80-66) in the final of the Euro on the floor of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Already European champion with his women’s team in 2001 and 2009, awarded several times throughout the last decade among young people, the hexagonal basketball waited with impatience more acute each year, the dedication of his team-leading. This is now done. Back on the coronation of the Blues.

  • Batum Takes Its Responsibilities.
  • An-Ultra-Deserved-Title-For-The-Blues

“It’s great that we just did. Was fought, nothing was released. French basketball needed,” he told Nicolas Batum, best scorer of France with 17 points (including three three-pointers) and six defensive rebounds.

  • 42 Rebounds For The Blue.
  • An-Ultra-Deserved-Title-For-The-Blues

This is one of the keys to success tricolor. Les Bleus have recovered countless balloons in the panels. Taken with 42 to 25 for France, there was no match in rebounds. Alexis Ajinça ​​was very impressive in the register (10 rebounds). Nicolas Batum, Boris Diaw or Nando De Colo (photo) also helped well (6 rebounds each).

  • Parker Did Not Need To Shine.
  • An-Ultra-Deserved-Title-For-TheBlues

At the end of the first half, the Blues had already scored 50 points. Tony Parker, he pointed to only 4. The top scorer of the Euro did not have to force his talent in the final (12 points in the final), as his companions were prodigious. “It’s been ten years since I run after it. It was the best game at the right time, the whole team played well, it’s good to French basketball,” responded Tony Parker, voted best player of the Euro in 2013 .

  • The Basket At The Buzzer By Antoine Diot.
  • Antoine Diot (Paris Levallois)

At the break, the Blues could have led to 13 points against Lithuania. But it was without counting on the huge Antoine Diot. The playmaker Strasbourg scored a basket at the buzzer ( to review video here ) over nine meters. Perfect to drive the nail. At the break, the Blues already led 50-34.

  • The Blues Have Managed Thereafter.
  • An-Ultra-Deserved-Title-For-The-Blues

After a first half of fire, Vincent Collet’s men have managed their advance. Always with the same aggression, the French have completely stifled the Baltic. At the final whistle, the Blues have logically left their joy.

  • Thank You Vincent Collet.
  • An-Ultra-Deserved-Title-For-The-Blues

Les Bleus can also say a big thank you to their coach. Since 2009, Vincent Collet (here in the arms of “TP”) never gave this team. The question is ilva continue to lead France. “I enjoy. I do not want it hot,” said he said at a press conference after the final. “I’ll make my decision quickly. This is not fun to wait, but I have to ask me because the issues are the same,” said Collet, which combines the functions of coach and club coach Strasbourg (ProA).

  • The First Major Of The Blues.
  • An Ultra-Deserved-Title-For-The-Blues

The French played like a dream to succeed ranking to Spain, which was defeated in the final of the previous edition in 2011. But France will have to wait to pick it up, then this title. And because the Blues waited for their 36th European Championship – a record – to win the Grail.

  • Parker’s France.
  • An Ultra-Deserved-Title-For-The-Blues

Best marker and best player of Euro Tony Parker (here with his girlfriend, Axelle) has once again brought this France team throughout the tournament. But “TP” may perhaps be a blue parenthesis next year, just to rest. “I am very tired now. It’s been a long season, so it’s hard for me to say if I would play next year,” said the Spurs playmaker.

  • France Knows How To Party.
  • An-Ultra-Deserved-Title For-The-Blues

After the title, the French players have dinner with their friends and companions. In the process, around 2am, 12 players went to a nightclub in the center of Roissy. They will then be received at the Elysee by Hollande to 19:15.

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