An Attack killed 52 People in Sanaa, the Yemeni Capital

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SANAA (Reuters) – A suicide bombing and gunfire killed 52 people, including several foreigners on Thursday, the Yemeni Defense Ministry in Sanaa, has-been learned from government sources.


It is the deadliest act committed for a year and a half in the Yemeni capital.A car bomb was first launched against the gates of the ministerial complex and gunmen arrived in a second vehicle entered the enclosure and opened fire on the military and on the medical staff of the hospital member who is on the site, witnesses interviewed by Reuters.

In addition to the dead 52, the attack did 167 wounded, according to the Committee supreme security. Among the dead are four foreign doctors-two Germans and two Vietnamese and two Filipino nurses and an Indian, he says. Near the Yemeni President Abd-Rabbou Mansour Hadi who was visiting a patient is also the number, according to the Ministry of Defence.

Most of the attackers were killed and the police were able to resume the site, he added.No claim has been made, but the operation is the Al Qaeda brand, according to a Yemeni expert on Islamist terrorism.”The attack occurred shortly after the start of the working day,” says one to the Ministry.

“The explosion was very violent, and the entire site was shaken; plumes of smoke rose from the building,” said one employee who works in a nearby building.


According to a medical source and a ministry official, the attackers evulsed a Western doctor and a Filipino nurse working in the hospital and shot to the staff of the institution.The President went to the scene of the attack, in the lively district of Bab al Yemen, bordering the historic center of Sanaa.

The Ministry of Health has launched an appeal to donate blood to treat victims.The interim government, beset by severe economic difficulties, faces a separatist uprising in the south, a Shiite guerrillas in the north and frequent attacks of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the local branch of the Islamist .

The last major operation against the government was in July 2012. A suicide bomber wearing an army uniform had killed more than 90 people at a training for a military parade in Sana’a.Al Qaeda had then claimed the attack.

In September 2012, the Minister of Defence, General Muhammad Nasir Ahmad, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt when a bomb exploded at the passage of the procession. The attack killed at least 12 people dead.


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