AIDS: Minister says that ‘More People’ in Treatment

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The Health Minister Paulo Macedo, said today that there are “more people being treated in hospitals’ infection of HIV / AIDS and that although the medication be” very expensive “therapy” remains available ” .


Paulo Macedo spoke to journalists at the end of the opening of the exhibition of photography and video “HIV / AIDS in the Press,” in Integrated Campaign “30 Years of HIV / AIDS in Portugal” and the World Day of Fight against AIDS, marked on 01 December.

The Minister welcomed the fact that the latest report on the disease indicate that there is “a smaller number of new cases” of HIV / AIDS in Portugal, in contrast, however, that the prevalence of the disease continues to be “very large” in European terms despite what has been made in combating the disease.

Paulo Macedo noted that a major problem in the fight against AIDS is that the disease is seen today as a “chronic disease”, which is no longer synonymous with death, which leads to “take less preventive measures” .

In this chapter, noted that the data indicate that “there was a smaller number of condoms required” and that “there are more people having unprotected sex,” so there is “clearly” a need to make a pedagogy to schools, to say that this disease, although chronic treated has to as “a preventable disease.”

The minister also assured that the program “needle exchange” had a breakthrough and, in parallel, said being in forging agreements with the Ministry of Justice, to address the problem of HIV / AIDS in prisons.

The alleged difficulties of AIDS patients to travel to hospitals, Paulo Macedo rejected the idea that the problem may reside in transport when the cost of medication per patient walk around 20 to 50 thousand euros per year.

“They are very expensive treatments. Fact is not shipping it undermines treatment,” said Paulo Macedo, noting that non-emergency patient transport is free for this type of patients, provided they have a prescription and economic failure.

António Diniz, director of the National Programme for Infection HIV / AIDS, proved to be convinced that it is possible to improve the indicators of this disease in Portugal, and confirmed to be in preparation a protocol with the Prison Service in the area of ​​combating HIV / AIDS, similar to what will also happen with tuberculosis.

Paula Polycarp, vice president of the association Hug, warned of the economic environment, which is hindering the monthly movement of patients to hospitals to get therapy, which can lead to discontinuation of treatment by people with major economic problems.

The head of the association also noted the issue of people who had to immigrate and who are in countries that do not have the same kind of access to HIV / AIDS treatment and therefore has requested assistance to hug, so there sending medicines for those countries.

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