Afghanistan: Abdullah war Against Fraud, “Evidence” to Support

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Afghanistan plunged into political deadlock Sunday with new fraud charges accompanied by “evidence” from the camp of the candidate Abdullah Abdullah and a second consecutive day of protests against fraud in Kabul.


“High government officials are committed to support a candidate in the election (Ashraf Ghani, ed) and organized trickery, cheating and manipulation” dropped Sunday at a press conference Baryalai Arsalai The campaign manager Abdullah Abdullah.
Mr. Arsalai then made public for the first time a document purporting to support the thesis of fraud in favor of Mr. Ghani: “a series of audio recordings secrets” of poor quality, charge against a senior official of the electoral commission independent (IEC), Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhail.

In these records, telephone conversations presented as having taken place between the latter and the IEC officials and a “member of the team Ghani,” the alleged voice of Mr. Amarkhail means, ensure that people are “used” to promote the election of Mr. Ghani.

Moreover, the same voice asks a senior IEC engage Uzbeks and Pashtuns, be more favorable to Mr. Ghani, himself a Pashtun ally Uzbek General Abdul Rashid Dostum.

However, the campaign team of Mr. Abdullah has refused to identify the origin of this recording, which it was difficult to verify the authenticity independently. Abdullah asked the layoff of Mr. Amarkhail.

Immediately after the second round of presidential elections on June 14 Abdullah Abdullah has embarked on a series of meetings with the press to explain that, according to him, the IEC, the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC), the camp Ghani and even the incumbent President Hamid Karzai, had worked to steal his victory.

Mr. Abdullah, won the first round of presidential elections on April 5 with 45% of the vote against 31.6% for his rival Ashraf Ghani denounced the “flagrant violations” according to him, the electoral rules to the detriment of his camp the second round.

The unhappy candidate had announced last Wednesday that boycotting the IEC.

Abdullah has however refused to throw oil on the fire in recent days saying he expected his supporters “to respect Afghan laws and national interests.”

But anger continued to rise Sunday in the latter, with a second consecutive day of protests in the streets of Kabul and Herat (western Afghanistan).

“Death to the IEC,” “Death to Amarkhail”, “Long life to Abdullah,” chanted the demonstrators Sunday in Kabul.

A Herat (western Afghanistan), about 400 people gathered Sunday. Some protesters disappointed the electoral process have publicly burned their voter cards, found an AFP photographer.

Saturday in Kabul, more than a thousand people marched peacefully.

This election marks a crucial turning point in Afghanistan after 13 years as President Hamid Karzai, who has ruled the country since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. This first handover to an elected president to another should be done at the time of withdrawal of NATO troops by the end of 2014.

For its part, the UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has attempted to appease Sunday calling for calm on social networks. “We encourage supporters of both candidates to refrain from inflammatory statements, hate speech or statements to encourage ethnic divisions,” wrote the head of UNAMA Jan Kubis in statement.

Abdullah spoke in recent days the possibility of a UN mediation to try to resolve the impasse. This proposal was approved by Karzai, however usually opposed to any foreign interference in Afghan politics.

But meanwhile, the spokesman of the ECC, Nader Mohseni, said Sunday that no mediation would be necessary, however accepting a role of the UN as an observer, reported the Afghan television channel ToloNews.

In 2009, Mr. Abdullah, withdrew in the second round of presidential elections citing fraud, leaving the de facto presidency to Mr. Karzai.

Preliminary results are expected on July 2 and the proclamation of the name of the new president on 22.

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