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Telegraphpk.com is a mix portal that has everything for your daily internet appetite. We cover a wide range of news and events around the globe.  Our works are carried out by dedicated teams which collect the authentic information.

Telegraphpk.com features the latest Fashion News, Technology News, ShowBiz Activities and Health Tips which are updated continuously updated throughout the day’s length.

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Who we are

In 2012 we are increasing Pakistani agencies. The website Telegraphpk.com gives that Pakistani and international news and also including sports and business and also knowledge.

We really want to change our country because we are true Pakistani. We always stand against the illegitimate matters and fraud. In one condition we believe this actual modify and if we issue will perform and well intentioned news.

What we do

On this site we are writers and activists in the resident of Pakistan. The value is that we declare meaningful contribution and given that the full of hope information and imaginative ideas.

Ahmad Ijaz Editor in Chief

Komal Shafqat Senior editor

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