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Megane 3 has strong arguments against its rival across the Rhine. If the quality progresses, we regret its more conventional style, although some will be delighted. It was not until January 2014 to see on our roads…

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A. Theory

New Megane Coupe alongside Volkswagen Scirocco is a table that is really fun to see! If I had to choose a foreign brand, I would call again the German brand is the height to the diamond face: they were met on time comparative. Two cars are tied according to the opinion of our group, consisting of, among others, and Renault manageurs agents. However, the “creative auto” Wanted ahead. Indeed, Megane Coupe gives more equipment for the same price than its rival across the Rhine. Here, we test for € 24,000 and this is true. Renault has no right to make mistakes and he knows it because the M1 segment, which will, among others, represented by New Mégane, Europe represents 35% of all brands. It should not be too hard to seduce the buyer which relates (in order) to:

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1. Design;
2. Reliability;
3. The price;
4. The attachment to the brand.

And aesthetics, although it looks more like a German sedan that is style is more conventional than the old model, it is rather successful. There is a clear desire to break with the previous version. The wheelbase has been lengthened and widened roads. This gives the impression of robustness outside and safety inside. Mirrors housed reminders flashing, which is not always the case with the competition. Under the terms of Renault Mégane Coupé is racy: this means that it leaves at first glance a strong emotional impact. And it’s true!
Standard equipment from the basic version is excellent. Starting with sport chassis:

• Anti-roll bar with a larger diameter;
• firmer damping;
• Fund lowered by 16 mm;
• brake discs a larger diameter.

Then just add alloy wheels that Justin is not particularly successful (unlike me), automatic dual-zone air conditioning, stereo Bluetooth … Renault does not open to criticism facing this broad provision in the first price.

B. Testing:

We tried the new Renault and competition on small bumpy roads of Essonne and Seine-et-Marne, stopping regularly to change the car. Each session lasted about four vehicles forty minutes. Thus, we could test, in turn, the news of the brand and also to see what level was the competition. Convoys Mégane Coupé and have not gone unnoticed and have turned more than one head on their way because the vehicles are not yet commercially available. Little curiosity situated along the path: the former property of singer Claude François, Mill Dannemois (91):

• Megane Coupe dCi 105 hp:

This engine holds the head of sales for the moment. Who used to drive the motor in its 100hp version of the Clio II, I arrived on familiar ground. The Clio engine was restrained because the box can not cash the couple. I am very satisfied with the Clio and I am too much about this because Mégane five additional horsepower gives a very high homogeneity in this engine. Silent, he still good performance especially given its consumption which made its success.

• TCE 180hp Mégane Coupé Dynamic:

Pleasure motor attention. It turned the ignition, and we appreciate the silence of gasoline (ears rather accustomed to dCi). It starts very quickly and a small light in the rev counter catches my eye: it is using a low-energy behavior. It tells you what is the best time to move to higher or lower gear. I put the first, begins to roll I go up to 2200 rev / min and then he advised me to shift up. I actually running and the engine is not a jerk despite my fears under regime. I’m sure it helps to reduce consumption. But the mouth of the organizers, the engine is still made for a sporty driving. I did not pray to climb the towers and forget the light that really will make sense for smaller engines: what fun, the engine is really present, it pulls hard and really encouraged to go tickle the red zone. The test was done on poor small roads. The chassis follows perfectly and accepts sporty driving without problem.

• Opel Astra Diesel 125 hp:

I approach with trepidation the Astra, hold my breath, close your eyes, boarded. When I open them, I see that unfortunately this is still the same inside (not my fault if it is not my thing). Good engine is average nothing to report except the box: it hangs too much, each gear is a nightmare.

• C4 HDi 136 hp Diesel:

Familiar ground: the inside is very nice despite the small flaws on the ergonomics of stalks dating from 307 and a radio spewing an inaudible sound (like the old Renault audio range). The engine is very nice, quiet and it is smooth: it is not a racing, comfort premium. By against the guide box is really excellent, all tested on this day PSA models had this quality (admittedly it was every time with this engine).

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