Abidal Is Reconciled With Barca

Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 11:19am by Admin

The incident is closed … After a small quarrel triggered by voice Press, Eric Abidal and Barcelona seem to have smoked the peace pipe.

The French defender has indeed itself extinguished the fire that had started there is little around alleged unpaid wages. The Monaco has also ensured Barca its commitment and willingness to work for the institution once the spikes hook.


So it was a simple misunderstanding … “It was difficult to understand, it is the discourse of Barcelona during my last press conference. Stating that it was a career choice, it has doubt other clubs. This was not even a history of money. proof is that every month when I was sick, the club did not pay me “, said there was little in the columns of a Team Eric Abidal who was appeared full of resentment against his former club.

“Abidal has always received everything in a timely manner. Barça always paid his salary on time. A sum is part of the health insurance contract, but it was a small part,” responded the Blaugrana before corrections to the applicant, who had assured him that his remarks had been interpreted. In other words, although the former Lille had not received the salary specified in his contract during his illness, but the two sides had agreed on the issue upstream.

Grievances veteran of 34 years were therefore quite different, but are stored in the drawers of the past. “What think Barca and said that Barca is true, too. I have no problem with that whatsoever, nor with Sandro Rosell, nor with Andoni Zubizarreta, nor with Tito Vilanova, or with fans or with the Catalan people.’s all for the best and I always stay here with the same fun, “he said on TV3.

And Radio Catalunya, Monaco even told a beautiful story about Daniel Alves, who has chosen this season to get the No. 22 vacated by finalist 2006 World Cup with the Blues. “My history with Dani goes well beyond the number 22. When I had to have surgery, he wanted to give me liver donation. Logically, this could not be done because it is a pro footballer. Our relationship goes beyond mere friendship, “said the Habs. The love story between the Blaugrana and Eric Abidal will therefore continue, especially as it should, after his professional football career, becoming director of the training schools of the institution.

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