A New Roland Garros Profitable at All?

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Supporting figures, the French Tennis Federation wishes to prove that the extension of Roland Garros is beneficial to the entire French economy.


The clock is ticking. While the FFT hope the delivery of its new stadium for 2018, the upgrades have not yet begun. However, the first shots of picks will be struck before the end of the month, despite the use (not suspensive) filed by opposing the project residents associations. Closed since September 3, Municipal Stadium Georges-H├ębert be demolished to accommodate the future National Training Centre (NTC) and the offices of the National Technical Director (DTN).

Residents remain unconvinced

Tuesday night, opponents, along with several political figures – Claude Goasguen (UMP deputy mayor of the 16th arrondissement of Paris), Christophe Najdovski (EELV candidate for Mayor of Paris), Yves Contassot (advisor EELV), Pierre-Christophe Baguet (UMP mayor of Boulogne Billancourt) – showed once again their discontent.

By coincidence, the FFT had organized a morning conference to expose the results of a study by BIPE (consulting firm Strategic Analysis) on the economic and social impact of tennis in France . Furthermore turnover (2.2 billion euros) or the amount of taxes and fees collected annually through him, the French courts would generate approximately 27,800 jobs (18,130 full-time equivalent) across the entire territory * French. Good news at a time when France has one of the highest in its history unemployment rate (nearly 3.3 million job seekers in September).

According to the study, the ecosystem of tennis would draw its strength mainly from Roland Garros and impact that the tournament generates (289 million value added).

Gilbert Ysern, director of the Grand Slam Paris and former professor of mathematics, these figures are proof that “the modernization of the stage is essential for the sustainability of this system virtuous (…) To generate even more revenue must Roland Garros rises to the level of the other Grand Slam tournaments in terms of infrastructure. Roland Garros stronger means more impact on the entire territory. It advocates a cause of general and national interest. “

* The amateur tennis is the leading creator of jobs (44%), followed by professional tennis (31%), equipment (15%) and federal entities (10%).

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