A Black Week for Michel Sapin

Posted on Oct 5 2013 - 9:56am by Admin

Bug on unemployment, Sunday work, after a faultless eighteen months, the Minister of Labour is weakened.

Tough week for Michel Sapin ! “I have rarely seen so much in difficulty, confirms one of its regular visitors tonight. It is somewhat fallen from its pedestal. “Within days, the Minister of Labour has indeed accumulated setbacks, a first for the good student who is seeking government succession of Jean-Marc Ayrault at Matignon and avoid making waves to achieve this. “If all the ministers had its strength and mastery, it would go better,” defuses Does it however as president.


Nevertheless, the week was complicated for the best friend of the Head of State. Destabilization began Monday with the case of bug SFR has not shipped 170,000 unemployed discount employment center SMS . “The minister was furious and asked that it not happen again,” cleared his entourage. This blunder has a serious impact: Suspensions up 40% and a decrease of 50,000 unemployed in August. “What would we have said if asked to back the release because there were inconsistencies?” Asks an adviser to the minister. “Michel Sapin, at least his office could not ignore the numbers were wrong and should have been more careful in the comments,” says one close to the government.

At the Elysee, recognizes “a mistake”, all the more damaging it discredits the reality of the inversion curve promised unemployment. “We even forgot that the number of unemployed still down more than 20,000” regrets do you Rue de Grenelle.

A disaster never comes alone, Michel Sapin has been divested of the same day on the job on Sunday . Face the wrath of employees who seek to work on the seventh day of the week, the Prime Minister has indeed taken over the reins of the case and given a mission of conciliation to Jean-Paul Bailly , the former boss of La Poste. Opposed to any legislative or regulatory changes, and braced on the sacrosanct principle of Sunday rest, the Minister of Labour has indeed sent from more than one year for purposes of inadmissibility to anyone, including his majority, demanded reform. “It is in the camp of the PS hard on this point. He is convinced that a majority does not emerge in the Assembly on a new text, “retorted one of his relatives.

A failure that would spot in a rather positive results with, to his credit, two successful social conferences “a historic agreement” on the job security and no slippage implemented since May 2012 in the social plans that have succeeded . “What has changed everything, it is the court decisions that have banned some retailers from opening on Sundays or in the evening,” do you correct at the Elysee, which, however, justify the setting aside of Michel Sapin by the “Inter” of the record.

Still, the solution to the puzzle of Sunday work does not pass a law or a new relationship but orders and exemptions. The executive would also asked the prefects to be more flexible in applications opening.

Bankruptcy Controls

Last pitfall, in addition to the time of the promise of “reform” on the job training: Wednesday broadcast of the interview (conducted July 7) the Minister to show “Cash Investigation” in France 2. Jostled by Elise Lucet, including administrative authorization and funding received by the crew for a bogus training (based on potato sack races and of “air guitar” sessions for senior reporters), the Minister had the greatest difficulty to mask the failure of the control device services 157 agents to check 82,000 organizations and a review of 772 inspections carried out in 2012!

In short, nothing “normal”, contrary to what has been set forth Michel Sapin facing the camera, in a case that weighs 32 billion per year and for a country with 5.3 million unemployed all categories, only 600,000 have training.

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