2014 World Cup: “The Blues are Affected in their Pride”

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Beaten 2-0, Friday, November 15 in Ukraine in dams go to the World Cup in 2014, the team of France is Tuesday, November 19 against the wall in the return match scheduled at the Stade de France. After the failures of the World in 2002 and 2010 and the Euro 2008 , a new disillusionment would that illustrate , according to Jean-Cyril Lecoq, psychologist sports , “the weakness of soccer in French mental preparation. “

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Jean-Cyril Lecoq worked for seven years with the French Football Federation (FFF) between 1996 and 2003, where he was particularly busy women’s team and the 1987 generation, that of Nasri, Benzema and Ben Arfa .

According to you , what’s so special about these play-offs?

Jean-Cyril Lecoq: First of all, these dams are even more difficult to compete in the region Europe , where the density level is important. Rather, the problem is in my opinion the conditions of gathering selections, falling between the championships, which are clearly the priority. So, it is difficult to have a stable team, because it takes effect on injured players and poor form.

Observers France announced the overwhelming favorite against Ukraine. This climate of exaggerated confidence he has had an impact on the Blues?

Unquestionably, I think there was an excess of confidence in front of an announced printing easy. The misuse of statistics illustrates this: the victory was allegedly obvious because we had won twice against the Ukrainians. But football is changing, strategies too.

What do you think the role of the press and the media frenzy that swept the Blues since Domenech era [2004-2010]?

Compared to the press, I note two paradoxes. The first is the return constantly to the episode of Knysna during the 2010 World Cup. But I believe that we are currently experiencing around the team of France is a direct consequence of the 2002 World Cup. The Blues arrive in South Korea and Japan as holders of the trophy and are eliminated in the first round, so poor. At this time, there has clearly been a carelessness on the part of the Federation in the management of players. It was considered that the best we had. The surprise 2006 course, where France reached the final, helped not take awareness of the real problems. Then I also found significant that we have this week celebrated as the anniversary of the elimination facing Bulgaria in 1994. Rather than focus on the positive, we are celebrating a dramatic event.

What do you think of the relationship between the players and the press?

Journalists always put attention to the fact that so and so has responded poorly or another to be misbehaving. Axis is on the negative side. The analysis of sports commentators, always the same, Pierre Menes Jean-Michel Larqué, lack of objectivity.

To return to the fiasco of the playoffs in 1994 World Cup, Didier Deschamps was part of that unhappy country. This has he played?

No, when you look at his career, there is no doubt that this has made positive disappointment. He scored twice World Cup-Euro then. Given his career as a player, captain and coach, I’m sure he is able to find the words to transcend the players.

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What can he blame his job coach?

First, we must emphasize that, with rare exceptions, the Blues are no longer included as part player in major European teams. We find a lot of players in the second or third knives as Tottenham or Newcastle. With that, an essential parameter, coolness to difficulty is not taken into account in the selection work. As in 2006, when Zidane blow a lead by hitting a headbutt to Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final, the expulsion of defender Laurent Koscielny is the malpractice. It is a mistake that selection to align customary player makes during such a match cleaver. I felt exasperated players Friday as they discovered the possibility of a rough game against the commitment of opponents. To enter in elite troops like RAID, we do pass psychological evaluations and never take someone might lose his composure.

For you, the mental dimension is not sufficiently taken into account in the Blues?

There is no change of psychological testing, outside view with hindsight. Laurent Blanc had set up a system of profiling upon arrival, but so shy. To my knowledge, there is nothing in place like that around Didier Deschamps. In France, the sport psychologist is exclusively associated with the disease, never to aid performance.

France, she was a general problem at this level?

Yes, it is late, so that we have the structures. Should use the mental trainers for field work, concentration, relaxation and mental imagery. This has never been done or very little. The players do not learn in French clubs or selection, they sometimes discover during their passage in European clubs. Didier Deschamps finds herself in the same situation as Laurent Blanc face human problems, that is to say helpless. The basic work is not done and a coach can not all get alone in this matter. The size of the mental preparation is underestimated in France where it is assumed that the experience of the 1998 winners enough. Yet it should, inter alia, s’ add to psychological work.

You knew some important players on this team, including Samir Nasri and Karim Benzema. What do you think of them?

I did pass the psychological evaluation tests generation in the 1987 follow-up doping. So they are always present as kids dirty, it is clear from my tests that we are dealing with real competitors. Yet should they be put in condition. They need to feel supported. They still won a title [they are champions of Europe under 17 in 2004]. They have not stolen.

To return to the news, how do you see the rematch?

The first twenty minutes will be, of course, crucial. They will have a reaction because they were affected in their pride. We see that the Blues need this to be an awareness. Unlike some pithy judgments, the players do not fuck is the World, they simply lack the chemistry and the pleasure of being together. This was not enough work. These days we learn that the President of the FFF went to visit players in their room very well, but why did he do it before?

What springs to bounce back and try to achieve the feat?

Looking at the press conference Didier Deschamps, it is clear he is stunned and did not expect such a match. A from there, individual interviews and closed around the Blues do think the image of the Alamo. No doubt they will fight , is it enough against an opponent who will manage his advantage, defend and expand the faults away goals? In any case, even if the qualification should not forget the existence of a deeper problem.

What is this profound evil?

The major periods of the team of France have always coincided with the presence of a providential man, Michel Platini in the 1980s and more recently Zinedine Zidane. Without such a player, you do not know manage . This is a problem of training and selection among youth. We are a country at once sporty, able to bounce back to the wall, but certainly not a sporting nation.

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