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It took some time to BitTorrent to attract visitors to its cross-platform synchronization tool. Developed to share files securely over the Internet through P2P, BitTorrent Sync is an alternative to Cloud that debut, growing twice as fast as DropBox.

To the chagrin of companies market Torrent, conflates Peer To Peer and illegal downloading is often done. Fortunately, users of this protocol are numerous. As evidenced by the latest figures released by BitTorrent is software for BitTorrent Sync . A month after reaching the million users have doubled and output API is to develop a little more service. With respect to cloud solutions and potential vulnerability of data stored in the cloud, Sync offers an alternative presented as secure, while abuse of the NSA and the collection of personal data are subject to debate.

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The publishing company benefits from the passage to indicate that BitTorrent Sync grew much faster than the competition during its first eight months of existence. Today, Sync is growing twice as fast as Dropbox.

While the start is impressive, but what makes the success of Sync are also performance. Internal testing by BitTorrent announce that on a local network loading is up to seven times faster than Dropbox. Sync also shows a transfer rate greater than Filezilla or Skype.

A nice speech!

Without any modesty, BitTorrent does not beat around the bush and announced that its software is the future. “That’s how synchronization works. And so the Internet should work. A world where your data is yours. A world where the free flow of information is not subject to speed limits … A world where your information is not subject to supervision. ” However, there are technical limitations specific to each. The use depends on the ability operated devices and the power of your connection to the Internet, but on average BitTorrent Sync breaststroke 20 GB of data per user, against only 0.42 GB on Dropbox.

After the closure of hosting Hotfile Service this week, it only remains to test Sync to verify the statements of BitTorrent, and see if this is justified hard to Dropbox!

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